RE: MCSA/MCSE, Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-290)

From: C.G. (
Date: 02/10/05

Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 14:25:01 -0800

I just took an 70-292 for the third time. I wasted $100 for Microsoft's
WORTHLESS "Upgrading Your Certification to Windows Server 2003", going
through the entire book and all the labs. I feel like I answered almost all
of the questions correctly. But with the exam, you can't tell. Then I got
this crap about how "Some questions may not be counted, others are for
testing/development purposes, blah blah, blah" as a disclaimer before taking
the exam. How the hell do I know what is counted and what is not? This
doesn't seem ethical here. How do we even know if the exam results are
processed correctly or ethically if we can't get any feedback on anything?
70-292 bites.

My advice is do not use Microsoft's WORTHLESS crap to study for this exam.
Find something else. Microsoft can make the exam but they sure as hell can't
produce any training material that covers anything on it. Typical - like so
many MOCs. If anyone finds a decent text please post here. C.G.

"Mick34" wrote:

> In anyone's opinion, is this the best resource, as far as study guides go, to
> use for obtaining the 70-290?
> I've recieved my MCP in XP, but was able to get it with just using the
> transcender. (I've had experience with XP)
> I haven't had much experience with 2003, more 2000 server, but wanted to go
> for the most recent cert.
> My funds are limited for purchasing materials, so I was hoping to get the
> most recommended one.
> I have XP as a client, and currently 2003 installed as VM, and acting as a
> DC . I also have a 2nd PC that I can join to the network. So I think I have
> the lab part covered.
> Thanks in advance