Re: 290 vs 291

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Date: 12/07/04

Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2004 09:12:29 -0800

Good call!!!

The question of what's easier and what's not is completely
dependent on the examee. Some find 217 difficult, some
find 216 difficult. If you spend most of your day
designing AD/Windows environments for customers then
you'll find these rather easy.

This is the same for everything.

Thus far, I've found 70-210 the most challenging.
Probably because it was the first cert I took, coupled
with the fact that it covered a very broad base -GPO, AD,
DNS, etc. and the fact that I don't care about desktop
technologies ;-) -I care about AD...

The other thing is understanding. If you understand the
subject matter, then everything else is simple. The exams
are not very real-world, therefore reading and rereading
the question and answers will provide you with the correct
answer. The other three are either plain incorrect or do
not meet the needs of the question. Go through each
question and rule it out. This leaves you with only the
correct answer left ;-)

Paul Williams
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>Look at the objectives and work out which exam you'd feel 
most comfortable
>sitting first. 290 isn't neccessarily easier than 291, it 
just depends on
>your body of knowledge. Also go to
>and research those areas you may be weak in.
>Wayne McGlinn
>Brisbane, Oz
>"Wayne" <> wrote in 
>> out of these 2 exams which one is easier to study for,
>> either 70-291 or 70-290?