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Date: 11/19/04

Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 17:45:51 +0000

easy, no?

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>thanks jerz
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>> From "Help & Support Center":
>> For folders: Traverse Folder allows or denies moving through folders to
>> reach other files or folders, even if the user has no permissions for the
>> traversed folders. (Applies to folders only.) Traverse folder takes effect
>> only when the group or user is not granted the Bypass traverse checking
>> user right in the Group Policy snap-in. (By default, the Everyone group is
>> given the Bypass traverse checking user right.)
>> For files: Execute File allows or denies running program files. (Applies
>> to files only).
>> Setting the Traverse Folder permission on a folder does not automatically
>> set the Execute File permission on all files within that folder.
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>>> I'm struggling to understand the Folder Permission - Read
>>> & Execute, and even to put my question down into words,
>>> so this might not make sense, but here goes:-
>>> Read & Execute allows a user to Traverse folders, (which
>>> allows the user to reach files/folders in subdirectories
>>> even if the user does not have permission to access
>>> portions of the directory path), and perform the
>>> actions permitted by the 'read' and 'list folder
>>> contents' permissions.
>>> So when you allow Read and Execute on a folder, both
>>> the 'read' and 'list folder contacts' check boxes are
>>> checked as well as the 'Read and Execute' permission.
>>> If you only apply 'read' permission to a folder you can
>>> list folder contents, open the files (but not save them
>>> back) and traverse the folders and subfolders.
>>> If you only apply 'list folder contents' you can see
>>> what's in the folder, but you can't open files and you
>>> can traverse folders and subfolders.
>>> I fail to see what advantage 'Read and Execute would give
>>> you??
>>> Any help appreciated
>>> Paul

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