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Date: 11/04/04

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    Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2004 08:16:33 -0800

    I found 70-210 to be the easiest. Passed it the first
    time with an 820, no studying, just using general
    experience from working with 2000 for so long.

     I did fail 70-215 the first time, by only one question.
    I got a little cocky and did no studying for this one
    either. I figured my years of 2000 Server experience
    would help, but they got me on the specifics. UDF format,
    move and copies to different partitions, etc. Practiced
    up a little, did some MCSE self paced practice exercises,
    and went back and scored an 850. The second time seemed
    so much more easy. The 70-218(2000 network environment
    also seems kind of easy).

    I am really worried about the MCSE design stuff.

    >-----Original Message-----
    >i'm about to take the exams for mcsa. Wich one is the
    >to start with, and wich one is easy?
    >>-----Original Message-----
    >>Congratulations. I received my MCP packet in about
    >>weeks. I received a nice color Certificate. An MCP ID
    >>Wallet Card, and some other extraneous MCP information
    >>about the website, etc. It comes in a small cardboard
    >>mailer package.
    >>Email me if you have any questions. I am not an expert
    >>by any means, but I have been working toward my MCSE,
    >>have taken three exams so far with much success. I
    >>number 4 next week, which should give me my MCSA.
    >>>-----Original Message-----
    >>>Hello fellow MCP's
    >>>I have just joined the club, Passed today ar GB70
    >>>any other people taken exam at this location
    >>>would love to hear from you.
    >>>by the way what do you get in the MCP starter pack
    >>>and when do you recieve it.
    >>>Thanks all you MCP's good to tallk....
    >>>he who laughs last ....
    >>>obviously didnt get the joke.. HA hA

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