RE: XP Pro Service Pack 2

From: Chris (
Date: 11/01/04

Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 07:47:03 -0800

Try uninstalling the Service Pack.

I have had no problems with XP SP2

"stryder" wrote:

> Does anyone know a lot about SR2 for WinXP Pro? After implementing this on
> some system both standalone and joined to a domain I started having a lot of
> headaches and problems. I could no longer get any properties from My Network
> Places and could not get the properties of the Local Area Connection. I also
> was dennied access to certain snapins and/or tools such as Disk Managment and
> others (even with my admin account). Another problem was not being able to
> run any sort of search for files or folders on the systems. I turned off the
> implemented firewall and still had all these problems. Does anyone have any
> suggestions and/or ideas?
> Thanks