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Date: 07/09/04

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    Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 14:53:52 -0400

    "The Enlightened One" <The Enlightened> wrote
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    > Interesting how a few sugestive words of wisdom are met with such a
    catapulting reply. Is my statement true? Of the posts I see, most use this
    service as chat program, rather than what it was ment for (A tool for
    Certification seekers). Perhaps if all were more helpful, instead of
    ignorant, this tool would be usefull. From what I have seen, it is not there

    Listen, this is a sickly group. Not quite dead, but getting there. There are
    rarely questions here. I should rephrase that....there are rarely questions
    here that do not deserve a wise-ass remark. If people post reasonable
    questions[1], they are answered quickly. In the meantime, shall we all just
    sit quietly, breathlessly awaiting the next profound question? Or shall we
    entertain ourselves in between these ever-so-special queries?

    [1] On Reasonable Questions:
    Any relevant (or off-topic, if prefixed with "OT" or similar notation)
    question that has been fully researched (read:,,
    etc) but no answer has been found. Even then, some people expect full, drawn
    out answers. No good. They should be pointed in the right direction, not
    spoon-fed everything they want. If you interpret that as ignorant, then you
    have problems you should consider getting checked out before returning to
    this "site".

    HTH, HAND.

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