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Date: 05/28/04

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    Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 08:41:33 -0700

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    > i am thinking of starting the MCSA exams.What i intended to do is do
    > the MCDST and the MCSA together. I can use the MSDST as an elective to
    > the MCSA.
    > What i want to know is what happens if i havent finished the MCSA by
    > the time the exams are finished.

    while microsoft does discontinue exams, they are posted 12 months in
    advance of the exams being discontinued. you can find details of exams
    about to be retired at:

    even though exams are dicontinued, Certification is not. for example, the
    Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 exams are not longer available and have been
    retired but my transcript still shows me as being an MCSE on Windows NT4.
    I could continue to call myself an MCSE until MS chooses to change thier
    policy, but it is usually in my best interest to upgrade to the newer
    certifications (now have both my MCSE2k adn MCSE2k3 so I have followed my
    own advice)

    there are a few other peices at:


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