Re: Planning on getting MCSA... suggestions?

From: techflavor (
Date: 05/26/04

Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 07:26:07 -0700

Yes it will be for Server 2003 and XP.

I do plan on practicing my knowledge to the full extent. I have been working with XP for a long time now and I have been learning Server 2003 since evals were first available back in the day. I plan on bringing my laptop with me offshore with VMWare or Virtual PC with Win2k3 and XP Pro installed in a test like environment. My laptop is a P4 3Ghz w/ HT and 1GB ram so I hope it will suffice.

I do not plan on using anything that will make my certificate useless or devalue any current certificate holders. I actually want to know how to do everything covered on the tests. I am doing this strickly to expand my current knowledge. I already have an IT job so this will just allow me to expand.

Do you guys suggest using the books by Microsoft Press (the Self Paced Training Kit Books) or other ones like from Sybex for studying? It is either one or the other because I don't have enough cheese to get from both Sybex (or the like) and Microsoft Press.

My co-worker's son will be working on his A+ certification and Network+ certification coming up, so he is wondering the best place to get study material for A+ and Network+ so his son can begin studying for the CompTIA tests. Anything better than the Sybex books? (Material must be current for the recent tests)

Thanks in advanced.