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Date: 05/25/04

Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 20:30:38 -0700

Thanks for all the tips guys. I already set up a lab at
home with three networked comps, 2 WS03, and one WinxpPro.
and ill check out Transcender. Thanks
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>> The tests are difficult so I don't think your idea of
>> passing a test each week is realistic. You really need
>> hands on experience and time to absorb the material.
>> Transcender is great - you need practice answering hard
>> questions. Make a test lab if you can and DO
>> This stuff is not like high school where you memorize
>> facts and then spit them back on tests.
>agreed. use the product. buy vmware and run multiple
machines in one
>machine. build a network in a box. practice everything....
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