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Date: 05/21/04

Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 20:38:06 -0700

Thanks guys i did not know that about testking. I want my
certification to mean something, not just a piece of
paper. Thanks I guess ill stick to the Mspress,and

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>> Jaime, just stay away from TestKing (and the like) is
>> best piece of advice. They are braindumps and
>> are degrading our certifications one by one. Only use
>> legitimate resources for studying. I'm not being nasty
>> about it because I honestly don't believe you are aware
>> of the fact that using TestKing makes you a cheater.
>> Best of luck to you on the MCSA track, Jamie!
>futher to Certakers note, you should read these from MS
>be careful not to lose what you have worked towards so
far. The
>punishment from MS is severe, but just.
>Neil MCNGP #30
>"you'd do what, to who, for how many biscuits?"