Re: 70-218...?

From: Sartan Dragonbane (NOSPAMHERE_at_YOUMOMMA.NULL.COM)
Date: 05/17/04

Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 16:52:34 GMT

70-218 is also an elective for MCSE.
Take it, and get two certs! :)

"John" <> wrote in message
> On Friday of last week I passed 270 (working towards
> MCSA). My overall goal is to have an MSCE of course. I
> noticed that 218 is not a requirement for MCSE on 2k but
> 216 and 217 are. If MCSA is a stepping stone for MCSE,
> why do I have to write an exam that doesn't give credit
> towards my overall objective? Should I just prepare
> myself for 216 and 217?
> Thanks Guys!