Re: Over My Head?

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Date: 05/13/04

Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 19:41:08 -0400

"Seth" <> wrote in message
> thanks Neil, appreciate it.
> This company says it provides 24/7 live chat support from my
> own personal mentor, for any questions I may have. theres no time limit, I
> can take a year to do it if I want. They also provide "simulations" they
> call it which I guess is like your idea of getting a couple of pc's and
> evaluation copies of certain software.
> Maybe it doesn't sound too bad after all. Anyways, I apparently have to
> yes or no today as it is a "special" and they are selling a different
> learning package next weeks.
> Since its my first MS study, probably will go with the online learning -
> tax deductable so I will get most of my cash back anyway! (Australia)
> Maybe I'll get those Sybex books anyway, too much info surely can't be
> Thanks JaR, SJ, TechGeekPro and Neil. By the way, I see you guys went off
> topic a little, guns, canadians, wars, keeping the mind sharp?

Why, I never go off-topic.

BTW, did I mention that we (the wife, kidneys and I) are going to Myrtle
Beach on the 23rd? We're very excited. We have 2 sons, one is 4 and one is
11 months. Neither have been to the beach yet. We got a really great deal on
our room. It's at the Sandy Beach Resort: We got
the jacuzzi suite for 4 nights. We can't wait.

What was I talking about?

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> > <snipinsomestuff>
> >
> > > My question is, is a self study, own paced via MCSA
> > > certification out of the question?
> >
> > the real way you will learn is thru self study. you can sit in class all
> > you want and spend a gabillion dollars on it and unless you actually get
> > your hands on and work with the product, you're hosed on the exam. I
> > think there are problems with self study in the sense of there is no one
> > to ask questions of when you are stuck on a topic, but they can be
> > overcome. Buy some good books (JaR's recommendation of sybex is an
> > excellent choice) and get crackin'. don't limit yourself to what's in
> > books though. have a look at the "skills being measured" section for the
> > exam (at teh and learn every last
> > detail.vmware, eval copies of the server, a couple of computers and away
> > you go...
> >
> > >
> > > Dedication is not a problem
> > <moresnipin>
> >
> > this is what you will need Adam if you want to pass the exams. With or
> > without self study.
> >
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