Re: Over My Head?

From: Neil (
Date: 05/13/04

Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 12:18:06 -0700

"Seth" <> wrote in


> My question is, is a self study, own paced via MCSA
> certification out of the question?

the real way you will learn is thru self study. you can sit in class all
you want and spend a gabillion dollars on it and unless you actually get
your hands on and work with the product, you're hosed on the exam. I
think there are problems with self study in the sense of there is no one
to ask questions of when you are stuck on a topic, but they can be
overcome. Buy some good books (JaR's recommendation of sybex is an
excellent choice) and get crackin'. don't limit yourself to what's in the
books though. have a look at the "skills being measured" section for the
exam (at teh and learn every last
detail.vmware, eval copies of the server, a couple of computers and away
you go...

> Dedication is not a problem

this is what you will need Adam if you want to pass the exams. With or
without self study.

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