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From: JaR (
Date: 05/10/04

Date: Mon, 10 May 2004 09:36:50 -0700 opined, On 5/10/04 4:55 AM:

> hi .... Dear Sir ,
> i have appearred for MCP 12 March2004, but till now i
> havnt received my kits and i dont know what's goin , and
> am already clear 3 paper till now . and i realy wanna it
> so please Find below the details
> Name:Abdul hakim
> Address:c/o bina Patel
> 25,gitanjali Soc,
> Chikuwadi
> Jetalpur Road
> Baroda
> GJ 390005 India
> Please to somethin at the earliest
> Waiting for your Promot reply
> Warm Regards
> abdulhakim
> please tell me what do to coz am already aply for welcome
> kits in my profile

Well, that certainly explains it! We sent it to the wrong address. It
was sent to 52, gitanjali Soc. Simply go there and ask them for your
welcome kit, I'm sure they will be happy to give it to it's rightful owner.

Sorry for the confusion;

Gill Bates
MCNGP 10110

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