Passed 70-215 - concern over passing score

From: Iain Foulds (
Date: 05/07/04

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    Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 10:28:06 -0700

    Hi all. Passed 70-215 this afternoon, though am a bit
    confused over the passing score, as was the lady at the
    test centre.
    I was under the impression that although the exams were
    geared towards the answers you provide in someway, the
    passing score required for all exams had been set at 700.
    This is what it has been for the other's I have done. Also,
    the guy that left as I went in to the exam had just done
    70-215 and needed 700 to pass. When I finished the exam and
    said I had passed, it stated I had only need 580 to pass.
    I'm a bit concerned that even though I scored over 700, how
    the passing score required could be so low.
    Could the questions have been geared towards the more
    difficult (they certainly didn't seem straight-forward and
    I thought I was pretty well prepared for it...) and so the
    required passing score was low? Could there have been a
    problem with the exam I sat and whom should I raise it with
    if there is...?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated

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