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From: Rémy Bucheler \(MCSA, Charter MCDST\) (
Date: 05/07/04

Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 17:29:00 +0200

It's not scam at all, it works !

I paid all my tests US$125, which is the real price, instead of CHF215.00
(about US$165-170). Honestly, I save a lot of money !! About US$40 for each
exam, that means one "free" exam every three tests !

Not scam at all... I got the same certificate as all MCSAs and MCDSTs....
and Microsoft has never made any trouble to me. If it was illegal I would
stop immediately, but as the cost is US$125, I don't see where the problem
is - this is exactly the price shown on Microsoft's website.

That's not scam at all... it's stupid to say so.


<> a écrit dans le message de
get piece of advertising pitty its just one big scam,
suprised microsoft hasent done anything about it as yet
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>I have seen many posts from people who think they are
paying too much for
>their exams, if they live outside ths US. The problem is
that for us,
>indeed, the exam cost is higher. We pay (much) more than
US$125.00, which is
>the normal price.
>The solution I personally use is that I buy a test
voucher at US$125. The
>voucher is valid for any Microsoft MCP test, and there
are also vouchers for
>others exams (CompTIA, MOS, Novell, ...).
>And after I use the voucher to pay for the exam. A
voucher = an exam.
>I therefore pay the REAL price of an exam. Not more, not
>Are you iterested ? The company I use to buy my voucher
is GetCertify4Less,
>you can reach their website by using (they have a
>referral programme, please support it... you will not pay
more and that will
>be a way to thank me for the tip. I tell you honestly
what it is... respect
>it please).
>This is totaly legal and approved as you pay the exact
price for the exam -
>US$125.00. This is not a way to cheat Microsoft of
anything, these are real
>test vouchers.
>I have done my MCDST like this, it worked perfectly.
There is no problem.
>Check it ou :
>Best Regards,