Is It Worth the Time to Pursue the 2k Track???

From: Snyperx (
Date: 03/29/04

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 08:18:24 -0800

My employer purchased the Sybex MCSA 2000 books along with
the Exam Cram 2 books awhile back for me to study, and had
some time issues where I could not study for tests. I now
am setting up time to get back to studying. Would it be
worth it to study for the MCSA Windows 2000 Track now that
the XP track is out?? I am nervous that I spent the money
on the 2000 books and now am going to be running into a
situation where Microsft will be retiring the 2000 track
exams. I would hate to have to purchase the all XP study
books when I have all the 2000 books. can I get some
feedback on this?? Thanks in advance.