Single ICMP 'echo' requests

From: Dan (
Date: 03/12/04

Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 02:57:00 -0800

Hey guys, I'm kinda hoping that one of you might be able
to give me a little guidance here.

Is it possible to get a client to sent a single ICMP echo
request? I dont't mean 'ping' because this sends four, I
just need to know if the ability is there to request a
single one from a client.

I'll explain why:

My company is running a Terminal Services network over a
wireless LAN. The access points of the WLAN are setup up
to flush their routing tables every five minutes or so,
this is due to the nature of the network. We are
operating it on a container terminal and there are an
awful lot of clients using the access points so to flush
the table keeps things kind of clean and simple to
The problem is that , when the clients are moving between
access points, because their MAC addresses aren't in the
routing table for the WAP, any requests being sent to a
Terminal Services client that has gone into suspend are
being rejected. As soon as the client is used again, it
sends it's signals to the access point which updates the
routing table and, voila, we have life! We were
wondering if there was a way we could get the Terminal
Services client to periodically send a single ICMP echo
request to the Terminal Services server so that the
access points will pick them up, update their routing
tables and allow continuous communication? Obviously we
can't use ping because of the bandwidth issues of forty
or more clients sending pings every four minutes.