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From: Brendon Rogers (
Date: 03/09/04

Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 07:58:48 -0500

you will have better luck posting this in
microsoft.public.softwareupdatesvcs group.

"stryder" <> wrote in message
> I am running Windows Server 2003 with SUS on a network
> that is connected to the Internet and it currently
> downloads updates from Microsoft. Is there a way I can
> copy these updates and take them on a disk to a Windows
> 2000 Server running SUS. I have a standalone domain that
> has no Internet connection and is not authorized to
> connect to the Internet. I am trying to figure out a way
> to implement automatic updates with SUS on this
> standalone network and I'm not sure how to get the
> updates to one of the domain contollers. Mostly I'm not
> sure which files to backup/copy or if I need to be using
> IIS backup utility on the 2003 server that is able to
> download updates from Microsoft.
> Thanks!

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