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From: Worker Bee (
Date: 03/04/04

Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 14:30:25 -0800


  From what you are saying, I am guessing that you are
running this server as a DHCP Server. If so, you need to
set up a static IP address for your DHCP server, and then
install AD. You should always use static IPs for domain
controllers (and DNS servers).

>-----Original Message-----
>HI all, am starting mcse, have had a lot experience on
>2000/xp but never used server '03 before, well a server
>all, have got my hands on an evaluation. Copy of '03.
>I go to install it goes on fine but when i try to
>active directory as the fist domain controller with dhcp
>and dns the dhcp goes on then when it gets to active
>directory i get a message stating that the ip/tcp is not
>configured and needs to be for me to be able to
>I've tried to configure it with no joy as far as I can
>it's the dhcp's ip address that cursing the problem. As
>far as I can tell it needs to be set to:
>I can't seem to find a way to do so. Any help will be
>great thank Sean
>p.s. is running on a HP p2 with 896 ram and yes has a
>net card

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