how much salary
Date: 02/24/04

Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 17:03:01 -0800

Hmm, I've not seen a help wanted ad asking for MCSA's
yet. I'm currently employed, and have been with my
company before the MCSA was even an option, but I do
watch the help wanted ads. I don't think that most
employers even know what a MCSA is yet. They will come
around sooner or later. But for now nothing.
OH, to answer your question. I make just under 60k a year
(US dollars). But I'm the exception. Almost 10 years
experience in IT, been with the company for 5 years,
headed projects, proven my worth, and all that happy
crap. If I was to leave the company and start new I would
be lucky to get 45k a year in today's market. Minus the
experience and previous salary range and I would be
looking at 25k to 30k square in the face... and would be
lucky to get that. I've seen jobs paying as low as 7
bucks an hour for MCSE's (normally schools and other
public places).

Oh, but seeing that your in Malaysia, just sit tight for
a while. There will be a company exporting our jobs over
you in a few short years. You'll have more work then you
can shake a company CFO at.

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>hello, i'm from malaysia.i just want to know how much
>mcsa earn in a month. that's all