Re: Question about RIS - Can't install the Network card after installation..

From: Gui (
Date: 02/19/04

Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 13:42:20 -0500

Hey Miklos,

not sure what you're asking here.....

you wrote
"However after finish the installation - Windows2000ProSP4 didn't install
anything (of the DRV\NIC Folder), why ? Not even the network drivers ?

If you got past the installation then it's working.

"Miklos" <> wrote in message
> Hello to all here...
> I post this question on the Windows 2000 forum Installation (a lot time
> and no answers, I hope you can help me....
> The main problem here is that I make a RIS Server for my enterprise with 2
> choices: Windows XP and Windows 2000 Professional..... When the users
> the Windows XP they have no problems (yes all the drives are there), but
> with Windows 2000 no way.. we can't even install...
> Well, searching in microsoft I found the KB315279: How to add a
> OEM Netword Adapter to an RIS Installation...
> I made everything that is there... well I will present the steps here:
> 1. Run RISETUP and copy and Win2kPro cd as master image in folder Win2kPro
> (Slipstream with Sp4).
> 3. Created a \DRV\NIC folder on the computer and gathered all drivers:
> Pro100, Pro1000 there (mostly the *.cab, *.inf, *.sys).
> 3. created \$oem$\$1 under the s RIS Server and copied \drv\nic to it.
> 4. copied .inf's and .sys's to RIS SERVER - Win2kPro folder \i386.
> Note: (following instructions from intel:
> 5. Also change the registry *.sif file in the \i386\templates folder....
> with the parameters:
> [Unnatended]
> DriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
> OemPreInstall = yes
> OemPnpDriversPath = drv\nic
> 6. Rebooted RIS server (easier then stopping and starting binlsvc).
> 7. PXE booted all clients: all can see the win2k image and start the
> installation of the windows 2000 Pro Sp4.
> However after finish the installation - Windows2000ProSP4 didn't install
> anything (of the DRV\NIC Folder), why ? Not even the network drivers ?
> ?!!!!!
> As you can see all the network cards are mostly Intel PRO 100....
> And remember that if I install the computers with Windows XP (with the RIS
> Server of course) all works perfectly....
> Please help..
> Thanks a lot
> Miklos

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