Re: Which exam prep should I use?

From: Bill Hileman (
Date: 02/19/04

Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 12:10:49 -0500

Samantha Hyatt wrote:


> I admited to having used the test prep material at one time. I used
> it for one exam and did not feel the need to use it again after
> sitting through the test. It was recommended to me by a classmate and
> my instructor stressed the importance of using test prep in
> general... not braindump sites particularly and managed to make even
> those of us that were confident in our knowledge, nervous. Everyone
> is allowed to make mistakes. Beating me and others like me up over
> it is rediculous. There are others in this newgroup who feel just
> as strongly about braindump sites as you do, but rather than
> meliciously bashing those that use them, they offer guidance and
> advice on how to do it the right way. I've seen both of you (Brat
> and JaR) do that for some..... why do you feel the need to attack me
> when you know nothing about me?

You got lucky. I don't bash just anyone, just those that should know
better. And based on your post, you should have known better. I don't
expect you to go back and read the hundreds of posts I've made here and in
other newsgroups over the years (as Frisbee), but there were several cases
where I took a completely different approach to br@indumpers and potential
br@indumpers. Even Brat was on the Dark Side once. It wasn't I who swayed
her, but others. I have convinced several of the err of their ways before.
I've also jumped down the throats of some, you included, but that is the
exception, not the rule.

> Bill attacked my character and personal life without even one shred of
> decency and that is why I fought back.

Not even one shred of decency? furrfu. You have quite thin skin. I guess
the personal part of the attack was questioning how you would explain
yourself to your children. How would you feel if your kids managed to get
ahold of a school exam on the net and memorized the answers to the exam,
then aced it. Would you proudly post that grade A+ on your refrigerator,
since that's basically what Mommy did? I'm sorry if the truth hurts,
Samantha, but I calls 'em like I sees 'em. Just because you stopped using
br@indumps after your first exam doesn't excuse their use. You can't
un-ring a bell. You cheated, and mostly because your instructor scared you
and a classmate recommended them. furrfu.

> I (like you) take pride in
> the fact that I EARNED my certification and can prove that I know
> what I'm talking about when put to the test everyday at work. No
> matter how a person goes about getting their certification, the test
> of their knowldege and understanding comes when they are put to the
> test in the real world. No paper MCSE will ever be able to pass that
> test.

One can be a paper MCSE without br@indumping.

> Can we stop fighting about this now?

Sure I can. Can you?

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