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Date: 02/13/04

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2004 06:16:09 -0800

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> Hardware RAID is much better than software RAID. Always.

     The problem with such categorical statements is that no definition of
     "best" is given. Read the series on Inside SQL Server from MS Press,
     you will develop a much more complete idea of WHEN hardware
     RAID is preferable to software RAID and when it is not.

I haven't read this and can only refer back to personal experience. There
are not many instances I would choose software RAID, if there was a
hardware RAID controller sitting in the box.
     You will have to go beyond the naive understanding that most people
     have of this topic.

And this is why I am prepared to accept there are times I may consider
software RAID. I can't see yet when, but I will concede it may happen.
     Hardware RAID is likely faster and isn't always a viable choice sometimes
     when software RAID will do the job (and sometimes cheaper.)
     Depends on the requirement and the technical constraints.

I buy very good RAID controllers off EBAY for about US$25-50. If a
client has SCSI hard disks, I will normally suggest RAID0 as a minimum.
With IDE RAID, I generally suggest running the drives on separate
controllers for speed, RAID0 or RAID1 most of the time. If someone
wants RAID5, I think I have always gone SCSI, 3 but usually 4 or
more disks.
     Herb Martin

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