Best practice exam for 70-290
Date: 02/12/04

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 07:16:27 -0800

Question: I just finished the Sybex Windows 2003
Enviroment (management and maintenance) 70-290 study
guide. Now my understanding is that Sybex is one of the
better guides out there to use (i'm sure many of you will
differ based on personaly expierence). I found the book
very knowledgable and understood it very well (as in I
knew everything they covered and actually retained the
knowledge) In any case, I immediatley tried the Boson #1
and #2 and I failed them like 50%. None of the questions
in the Boson prac. exams had answers that I could find in
the Sybex book. So my questions is more a 2 part one...
was/is it a wise choice to use Sybex , and does Boson's
70-290 coverage just suck? Optionaly as the subject
states, any other good , more accurate prac. exams then