Re: Log off users by the server

From: Imad (
Date: 02/12/04

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 04:29:46 -0800

Dear Marko,

I agree with you completely... but you don't know why I
asked in this way.

It is my favorite way to press f1 and I'm always use this
way, but I was in a special environment which there were
not windows server but windows xp and I have been asked a
question which I know that the answer is NO but I wanted to
  be sure about my answer with very short time...

I do know well about the log OFF & ON houres but I didn't
mean that. The question I have asked by someone if there is
any possibility to FORCE a user while he or she uses his or
her domain user account(like when they are currently
working on some application) to be logged off.
I don't want to use the logg off and on hours, I am fully
aware about it.

Hope you get my specific question.

Best Regards,

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> ----- Herb Martin wrote: -----
>Hello Herb
>I don't mind helping people.
>I have one condition: They must appear to have
>at least tried to help themselves.
>Imad is not such a person.
>If he has ever ventured into account management,
>he would have noticed the Logon Hours and the Logon
>To options for defining hours and workstation access
>for a user. Somebody who has started Windows Server
>administration in the last day or so may be the exception
>to this. Otherwise, they are driving Windows with their
>eyes shut.
>Further, my advice to press F1 is spot on. In the process
>of looking through the help files, he would quickly discover
>Search. If you type "Logon Hours" into the search, it comes
>back with 13 results. I know this because I tried it on my
>Win2K server. The first thing to come up on Net User
>commands actually solves his problem.
>A search on User Logon brings up 276 possibilities. Some of
>these on "account management" (another good search topic)
>are quite relevant to the same problem.
>Pretty soon, he would be likely to discover policies and
the one
>specifically relating to logging off users when their
hours expire.
>If this guy worked for me, I would do the same thing. I would
>never just give him the answer to such a basic, mundane task.
>"Catch a fish for a man and he will eat for one day.
>Teach him to fish, and he will learn to feed himself"
>So why spoon feed people who would obviously benefit from
>learning how to solve their own problems?