RE: What do I need to do?
Date: 02/07/04

Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2004 14:14:13 -0800

If you really want to take the MCDST *now* then study
material for 70-270 should take care of it. Plus have
some knowledge of how to do things / what goes wrong in
Internet Explorer, Office XP, Outlook, Outlook Express,
how to install software, what to check when software
(generic) doesn't work and a little file sharing stuff.

Other then that the study material should be out later
this year.

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>How was the mcdst? Did you have to do much studying for
it? If so what did you use to study for it? I want to
take the two exams for the mcdst but I really don't want
to wait for the ms press books to come out. I already
have windows xp and server 2003 MCPs.