Re: passed 218 today, YES :---)

From: Matt (mb_at_nospam.please)
Date: 02/03/04

Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 07:09:11 -0500

The point was any monkey with a memory can braindump and pass the exams.
All that does for you though is get you a little piece of paper, it does not
prepare you for real world troubleshooting and administration.

"sux" <sux@sux.sux> wrote in message
> I think you are missing the point.
> I actually do not feel like explaining, if someone else does, please ...
> --
> Mzzl,
> sux =)
> "behnam" <> wrote in message
> news:8bbb01c3ea4b$6ecf9310$a101280a@phx.gbl...
> > Yes i was good prepared and if you learn wel, you will
> > know the answers no matter how difficult, because the
> > objectives remain the same, and yes i call this
> > achievement because what is this all about, is knowing
> > and understanding the objectives of m$ and finding the
> > right soloutions in your exam questions, so i did my best
> > to learn and thats why i got there, any objections sir?
> > Behnam

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