Re: PC gone berserk

From: wellduh (
Date: 02/02/04

Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 10:52:40 -0800

Herb the guy is 80 years old, he needs outside help.
Formatting is always a viable option for MS corruption
issues that are unable to be fixed with minor/major

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>Those who suggest "reformatting the drive" are either
amateurs or
>just malicious -- likely both.
>There is ZERO reason to format over such problems --
>before you have tried the options at your disposal for
>Even if you re-install the OS (one aggressive option)
there is no reason
>to reformat and lose your data.
>I am not a 98 expert so I cannot rattle of the list of 98
>steps but they are easy to find on the web, at Microsoft
and other sites.
>Start with looking into the machine and user profiles.
>Herb Martin
>"N. Camarda" <> wrote
in message
>> Have a Dell PC with windows 98, purchased apprx 3 years
>> ago. Worked pretty well until a few months ago. Then it
>> all began to fall apart. Now when I start up I get a
>> message "This program has performed an illegal operation
>> and will be shut down. If problem persists, contact the
>> program vendor." Two action buttons follow. If I click
>> on "Close" another message appears: "Microsoft Visual
>> Runtime error. Pure Visual Memory R6025."
>> If I click on the Details Button, a list of the
>> faults appears; i.e. "LSASS caused an invalid page fault
>> in module LSASS.EXE at 015f:004440eabb.
>> Register
>> EAX=00000000 cs=015f EIP=0040eabb EFLGGS=0001110202
>> EBX=00f10280 SS=0167 ESP=0067f7c4 EBP=0000000a
>> ECX=ffffffff DS=0167 ESI=00000000FS= 3757
>> EDX=7efeff33 ES=0167 EDI=-00000000 GS=40
>> Bytes at CS:EIp
>> f2 ae f7 dl w9 ba 01 8b 09 8d 4c 24 20 55 e8 f2
>> Stack Dump:0667fbeo 0067fac8 0067fac8 00000000 00f105b0
>> 0043737c 00e04240 0040bb00 00f10231 00000014 0000001f
>> 0067f818 0067f804 0067fbf4 0067fbfc 0067fac8."
>> When I sign on it takes about 3 or 4 minutes to
>> conact with thr web via my service prrovider, Earthlink.
>> When I do, the computer has a tendency to "freeze" and
>> too often, the only way I can shut down is with the
>> buton. The Ctrl-Alt-DEL shut down merthod works about
>> the time. The rest of the time I get another Windows
>> mwssage "A fatal exception )E gas occurred at
>> 0028:CD366610 in VXD in modem(01)= 00019290. The current
>> application will be terminated.
>> Press any key to terminate the current applicaion.
>> Press CTRL=ALT=DEL again to restart your computer. You
>> will lose any unsaved information in all applications.
>> Press any key to continue."
>> I have absolutely no idea as to what it all means except
>> perhaps I should shoot the PC to terminate its misery
>> I can't afford a new one aaand even if I coul, I'm
>> 80 and am reluctsnt to buy another that I may use only
>> weeks or days. I'd rather leave the money to my widow
>> grandchildren.
>> Can anyone suggest how I can extend the useul life of my
>> Deell PC?