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Date: 02/02/04

Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 06:15:17 -0800

well 'try this' I would rather someone not afraid to ask
a question in the industry than a grade a numpty. Get out
of 'Our' industry

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>I would first go to and see what the
>objecktives are for the exam ... then I would throw
>into oncoming traffic to see if a paramedic shows up who
>has taken the test. While you are in the ambulance you
>ask him all of these silly questions that HAVE ALREADY
>BEEN ANSWERED A MILLION TIMES. Stay out of our industry.
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>>I want more information, Iam planning to study XP
>Professional firstly
>>how do i go about it and what do i requre to study and
>give the exam
>>and what is the scope for it.
>>whats the best way to study and any websites which give
>>information about it
>>Regards Havs