Re: MCAD mc?

Thus spake Bert :

I want to do a MCAD exam.

Forgive me, but MCAD is not "a" (or rather, "an") exam, but rather
three. In other words, the MCAD certification requires that you have
passed 3 exams. See the MS Learning MCAD page for details about the
exams. <> See the
Requirements and Training link to get the list of exams you can give.

Does anyone know how the exam looks like?

It looks like Angelina Jolie when she smiles seductively at you, bats
her eyelashes, and stares at your lips.... (but kicks you in the cr0tch
instead !) What kind of a question is that ???

All multiple questions - Yes.
How many questions - Varies. Usually 35-55.
How much time - Varies acc. to the no. of questions. 2-3 hrs. on