Re: Kalani books 70-315 & 70-320 for sale - London, UK


(apologies if this is not the correct forum for selling certification
material- but I couldnt find a more appropriate place)

I have 2 Kalani books for sale:

MCAD Training Guide (70-315) - A Kalani

MCAD Training Guide (70-320) - A Kalani

These are simply the best books for gaining certification. They each
come with a cd-rom containing an electronic version of the book. Both
cd-roms have been opened by me.

I have passed both exams (90%+) so have no further need of these.

£9.95 each or £14.95 for both (these are ~£27 new from amazon).

Am happy to post but can also deliver anywhere in central london-
cheaper also.


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