Re: Test King brain dumps

"Arsalan" <dontspam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Just curious, according to what you say, testking website is illegal then?
Why is MS not taking action against them?

Easier said than done. They are operating outside the U.S. With various
conversations that I've had with MS employees I believe it is something that
they are working on, but it takes time. Some who are a bit jaded with all
this believe that MS secretly wants these sites and wares to exist because
they pump up the income for those taking MS exams, but I seriously doubt
that certification income is but a tiny percentage of MS's total income. I
tend to believe that they're doing all that they legally can to shut these
sites and businesses down. Were they on U.S. soil, it would be quite easier
to do so, and they have done so with those kinds.


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