Better Assessment Results, Quicker and Cheaper

From: DonMcG (
Date: 01/28/05

Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 01:20:56 -0800

After talking with "JoanW" I bought
six Assessment Training Documents off ebay via I paid
$2.50 per document, a lot cheaper than some of those fancy

The docs were for Introduction to Microsoft .NET for
Developers: Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET and Developing
Enterprise Windows®-based Applications with .NET: Rich
Client--Visual Basic® .NET., to name a few. So far I have
taken two exams and I have an average score of 73% in
about 20 minutes each.

Like Joan, I'm also sold on this stuff. I can't afford to
spend a lot of time on training and I have found these
documents are easy to use and are actually very relevant
to the assessments I have taken so far.

Their web site / docs / ebay / Microsoft Skill Assessment
site are all integrated and work well together, no
surprises! This has saved me a ton of time and I'm getting
better results, quicker. These guys know how to do things
without wasting my time.

It looks like their Certification plans won't be available
for a while yet!!!!