Exam scores and transitioning into C#

Date: 01/27/05

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 20:59:59 -0800

Thanks V. It's just that I'm having trouble finding
postings like at Monster.com that match my skill set. I
think this means that I must use many methods of job hunting.
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>I don't think your skill set will be a problem.
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>>I earned the MCAD certificate in December and am
>>to apply for jobs soon.
>>I was wondering if job interviewers will ask about the
>>scores of the MCAD exams. If they do, what should I say
>>because I don't feel my scores are high?
>>Although, I did a great deal of preparation for at least
>>the first two exams, my scores were 753 on the 70-315,
>>on the 70-316 and 740 on the 70-320. I had a time
>>constraint and my background is C++ and Unix and I have
>>work experience in C# and .NET.
>>I'm also wondering if it is even possible to find a job
>>working in C# and .NET with just the MCAD and a C++/Unix
>>background. Has anyone had any experience with this or
>>some similar situation?
>>I've been looking at website postings and even if they
>>don't specify years of C# experience, they want someone
>>with a substantial Windows background.