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Date: 01/22/05

Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 14:11:32 -0500

"Anna" <> wrote:
"Anna" <> wrote:

>Which test are you folks talking about? I am preparing for 70-316 and was
>planning to use the practice tests on the CD that came with Kalani's book. I
>don't have a whole lot of time. Would that be a waste of time? Which practice
>tests/ exam cram guide would you recommend?

You should be sufficiently prepared if you work (rather than
just read) through the (BLUE training; NOT the RED exam
cram) Kalani guides and are able to answer the review
questions at the end of each chapter (without peeking).

Some things may look simple on paper but are actually not
that straight forward when you are actually trying to get
them to work. And you always learn better by "doing".

If the review questions are giving you trouble use some of
the reference links at the end of the chapter to do some
more research (many of the links go to the MSDN). Some of
the links may no longer work due to the dynamic nature of
the web - simply use the site's search engine to find the
content by title - or use (Google caches some
page content even if the page no longer exists).

If you have time also do the paper exam at the end. You
shouldn't need to use (and waste you time with) any test

You can find the errata to Kalani's books here:

>"innuendo" wrote:
>> >Each book comes with a CD that contains sample tests
>> (which
>> >by all accounts are useless; I didn't try them)
>> I would say that those tests are misleading for the exam
>> preparation, but not completely useless. That means that
>> if you have a lot of time you may use those questions as
>> brain-teasers. :-)

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