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Date: 01/21/05

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 14:13:43 -0800

Hello Sami,
FCL is an abbreviation for Framework Class Library. That
is a set of classes that comes with .NET. You will find
part of it in Kalani book.
wswexams is a budget alternative to transcender. That is a
mock exam questions. Go to Although I
would recommend it AFTER reading Kalani book.
Good luck,

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>I am going to start preparing for the 70-316. I already
ordered the Kalani
>book which is on its way.
>What is FCL? Is it from the Kalani book?
>wsw exam? What is that?
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>> Passed it today. Scored 960, finished in 1.5 hours.
>> Preparation consisted mostly of Kalani book extended by
>> MSDN Online (really intensive 2 months). I also took a
>> exam. Saved on buying transcender, just went through
>> sample test.
>> General observations. Kalani is a great guide, just go a
>> little bit deeper (MSDN) to pass confidently. Also
>> some time in looking on FCL classes, it helps to feel
>> their design style. SelfTest Software CD that you get
>> the book is more advanced than the real test, so it's ok
>> if you score just about 50% on it.