Re: Kalani's books ... PDF?

From: UAError (null_at_null.null)
Date: 01/21/05

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 16:00:09 -0500

Brian <> wrote:

>I noticed Safari carries a lot of Kalani's books. PDFs of each chapter
>are available for download for monthly tokens. But downloading the book
>from Safari isn't cost productive ... it would take a few months to
>get one book, so the total cost would be ~ $60.00.
>Which begs the question, does the paperback CD have an electronic copy?
>Is there an e-book anywhere?
>[Not looking for an illegal copy]

Each book comes with a CD that contains sample tests (which
by all accounts are useless; I didn't try them) and the book
in PDF format as Electronic_Book.pdf.

I recall that some of Que PDF's can't be printed - don't
recall if that is true for the Kalani's - so printing a
chapter at a time for portability (they total 1000-1200
pages each) and notes may not be an option.

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