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From: innuendo (
Date: 01/19/05

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 04:55:55 -0800

Thanks, Meghana.
Yes, before you start they give you number of questions
(42 for me), time limit (150 minutes) and minimum points
you should get to pass (700). After you finish you are
given a printout showing total score and sections scores
as a linear graph.
Suggestions? Well, I felt like I've got a plenty of time,
so read every sentence carefully because some questions
(especially mulyi-choices) are a little bit tricky. If
you've got transcender review MSDM sections referenced
there (you can download a demo version for free). And see
muy previous post about FCL.
>-----Original Message-----
>Congrats innuendo,
>i am giving this exam this week-end, do you have any
suggestions? does the
>exam gives you the score in any case [pass/fail].
>"innuendo" wrote:
>> Passed it today. Scored 960, finished in 1.5 hours.
>> Preparation consisted mostly of Kalani book extended by
>> MSDN Online (really intensive 2 months). I also took a
>> exam. Saved on buying transcender, just went through
>> sample test.
>> General observations. Kalani is a great guide, just go
>> little bit deeper (MSDN) to pass confidently. Also
>> some time in looking on FCL classes, it helps to feel
>> their design style. SelfTest Software CD that you get
>> the book is more advanced than the real test, so it's
>> if you score just about 50% on it.

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