The Practice Test Package Development: A New Service on the Certification Market

From: David Johnson (
Date: 01/19/05

Date: 19 Jan 2005 02:48:48 -0800

01/19/2005 - Visual CertExam Software has launched the practice test
package development service to making it easier and less expensive for
companies to create practice tests.

The practice test package development service will provide you with a
universal solution for easy development and distribution of your own
practice exams.

The practice test package is a standalone setup program (setup.exe)
that contains a question bank and the application for taking tests.
These packages are very similar to Transcender and Self Test Software
practice tests.

Using this service sets you free from having to develop your own
software and thus makes the process of development your own practice
exams simpler and less expensive.

A practice test package includes the following features:

  - The question bank and the application for taking test are
distributed as a single setup.exe file. This means that your users
don't need to buy and install any additional software in order to take
your tests.
  - If you are a small company and have no an opportunity to develop
your own test engine, you can obtain the professional solution for
practice test delivery for a low cost.
  - You can freely update a question bank in order to keep your test
  - Each practice test package has a build-in activation mechanism.

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