Re: MCAD Resources and advice. help please?

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Date: 01/16/05

Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 18:58:21 -0500

"Rogers" <> wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>I am a third year student working towards a 4 year bachelors degree in
>computer science. I am very comfortable programming in C/C++ and Java and
>have some experience working with JSP, JDBC, XML etc. I have now decided to
>become an MCAD before I grdauate from University. I am aiming for a 6-9
>month timeframe.

You should probably reconsider. Amit Kalani estimates a
minimum of 1 month (~160 hours) of study for one of his
So you think you'll be able to find ~540 hours before you
graduate? And in fourth year the work going into a thesis
tends to compete with your regular course load anyway,
without the additional pressure of pursuing a vendor
Its not worth risking the completion of your degree for a
vendor certification - and an advanced academic standing is
probably more conducive to finding that first job than a
vendor certification would be - maybe you'll find an
employer that will pay for that MCAD.

>I have however, never worked in the .NET environment before. I intend to
>take the C# on windows exam first.

You'll probably be able to pick up the language with no
problem at all - however that's not what's tested on the
exams - its all about the framework. And while .NET has
equivalent technologies to the ones you mentioned, it tends
to have its own way of doing things.
And if you should succumb to the to temptation of
braindumps, you should realize that you are going to be
found out later - and who knows what the consequences will

>is this reasonable? am i aiming too high/low?
>also, what is the best material to study for this? right now im reading the
>oreilly book on C#.

Well you can't be having that much extra time on your hands
otherwise you would have already found a wealth of
information on google. Here are links to two of my earlier

>I'm a poor student and the materials are expensive.
>Ive heard about "amit kalani's book". If any of you have this book or other
>resources (books//guides/exams) in electronic format it could be awesome if
>you could send them to me. I promise ill make a torrent out of them and make
>them available on the bittorrent network. that way more people will be

Sorry, no can do, that would be illegal. Just like you
expect to be compensated for your efforts after you
graduate, both Mr. and Mrs. Kalani should be granted the
same privilege. The best free resources are

and the codeclinic links

And in the end you're still going to have to find us$ 125
for each of the three exams (total of ~cdn$ 510) regardless
how "poor" you are.

You may be able to curtail the cost a bit if you can get
into the "Microsoft IT Academy Program".

Microsoft IT Academy Program - Worldwide

That way the cost for each exam drops to us$75 (the exams
then become 72-315, 72-316, 72-320, etc).

Kalani's guides are cheap enough (cdn$ 54.59 on-line,
probably cheaper used somewhere) insurance for passing as
you should not need to invest in pointless exam simulations
- provided you do the work.




And believe me those 1200 page tomes don't strain the eyes
as much as the equivalent PDF on a computer screen does.

>thank you once again.
>you can send me the resources at
>arpitguglani [at] hotmail [dot] com

'Any fool can write code that a computer can understand.
Good programmers write code that humans can understand.'
Martin Fowler,
'Refactoring: improving the design of existing code', p.15