Re: Taking 70-315 tomorrow

From: Francois (francois_at_bettinghouses.com_NOSPAM)
Date: 01/14/05

Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 17:38:10 +0700

Hi Steven,

First of all congratulation!

I have a few months to prepare for a MCAD. I am let say a junior ASP.NET
developer. I would like to know how did you prepare for the exams as it
seems that you did pretty well. Did you read an all bunch of books covering
the subject and then get the Transcender test to simulate the exam?

I would be ok to buy the Transcender kit to simulate the test before taking
the exam but I would like to know how did you do to learn all the needed
skills. Did you follow courses? What books did you buy and found useful? And
how long do you think would it take for an average developer like me to
learn all the necessary material? Are a few months enough? Or is it a very
lenghty task that needs something like a year of experience and study?
Sorry for all those questions! I have just no idea of how hard are the exams
and for what kind of people it is aimed to.

Thanks a lot.


"Steven Spits" <> wrote in message
> "Steven Spits" wrote:
> > I'm taking 70-315 tomorrow. Wish me good luck!
> I passed with a score of 962. 43 questions in 2:30 hours. Difficulty was
> about the same as Transcender. I would say if you pass Transcender, you're
> ready.
> Steven
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