Passed 70-315
Date: 01/12/05

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 20:46:24 -0800


Which book of Amit Kalani's did you refer? The red book or
the blue one with a racing flag?

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>WSW PRactice exams was the only practice exams
>used and I felt it was enough.
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>>I am planning to do my exam for 70-306 my first paper.
>>You have written you bought you practice exams from
>> Is that enough to supplement the
>>studies or you also download other sample papers?
>>Read articles able Amit Kalani's book. But he only
>>write's for C# not VB. The other author is Mike Gunderloy
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>>>Hi All,
>>>I have just passed 70-315 with the score of 793.
>>>I have 4 months of work experience writing .NET Web
>>>I used Amit Kalani's book. It is a very good book.
>>>I bought practice exams (30-day).
>>>I used the MSDN website to supplement my studies.
>>>My exam had 44 questions and time was a little over 2
>>>Next test is going to be 70-316 in a few weeks.
>>>Ali A.