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From: Sean (
Date: 01/09/05

Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 14:39:01 -0800

That is the one most people, including myself, start with. He has two books
one is small red and a few pages. The better one is the larger one with blue
and a racing flag on the cover. If, while reading it, you feel the book is
missing information most likely it is and it means you (like me) need more

"Nisha" wrote:

> Really appreciate your reply.
> I was going through some of the questions and one of them
> suggested this book. This is the first paper I would like
> to sit for.
> MCAD/MCSD: Developing and Implementing Windows-Based
> Applications With Visual Basic.Net and Visual Studio.Net
> Exam 70-306 Training Guide
> By: Mike Gunderloy
> Do you have any comment?
> Best regards
> Nisha
> >-----Original Message-----
> >yes...
> >
> >basically all the books with MCAD/MCSD with the specific
> exam you are one.
> >But from what I have been told not the MS press books. I
> have two cert books
> >wth mock exam questions and a CD with more mock up
> questions. Believe it or
> >not, these books will NOT perpare you for the test but
> will give you enough
> >knowedge to know which other books to look for as well
> as covering some
> >material for the old brain.
> >
> >I like the Addision Welsily publishers (dont cut and
> paste bad spelling) as
> >additional things the stardard cert books dont really
> cover.
> >
> >
> >"Nisha" wrote:
> >
> >> I'm preparing for 70-306 exam. Appreciate if anyone
> could
> >> help me by suggesting good books I could buy?
> >>
> >>
> >.
> >

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