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Date: 11/23/04

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 10:03:13 -0800


Give it up Minny! We all know you are NOT a cheater. Just
using MS resources. MCDST is out in left field!!!! He is
not worth wasting your time on. He just doesn't get it!

Wall Flower

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>Didnt think there was a difference, you have got me
>confused. Are you implying that people can get the real
>questions?. Surely that is impossible. The MeasureUp
>Practice Exam Question is exactly what I have used and I
>see them as past questions, its all in the name,
>alone cant make you succeed, you have to study hard. I
>read the whole book 4 times, did all the exercises, I
>could see every line in my sleep. Do the right thing by
>calling me a guru. Now studying for 70-316, joined a
>group on yahoo, lots of daily "MeasuredUp Questions" to
>help us succeed. How about that?. Be happy for me, am
>happy for you.
>>-----Original Message-----
>>The question come with MS Trainer Kit are
>>"MeasureUP Practice Exam Questions", not
>>"past exam question". "past exam question"
>>are those questions that directly copied from
>>actual exams, those questions are ILLEGAL!!!
>>You said you used "past exam question", everyone
>>here know that you are CHEATER!
>>"Mnny" <>
>>> I used the same MS Press Training Kit as you and it
>>> past questions, a hundred actually. Studied full time
>>> 14hrs a day as I dont have anything else to do. A pass
>>> a pass at the end of the day, but calling me a cheater
>>> when you dont even know me, is not very nice. Well
>>> your score and good luck to you. Hope you learn from
>>> experience.
>>> >-----Original Message-----
>>> >As you have used "past exam questions", your pass
>>> >is not great, CHEATER!
>>> >
>>> >I've just passed 70-340. Only the MS Press
>>> >Training Kit is available for the preparation. Well,
>>> >I am already MCSD in C# .NET, but the exam
>>> >questions are are tricky with ambiguous choices.
>>> >I only managed to get a bare pass. It's not great,
>>> >I know, but still greater than your pass.
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >"Mnny" <>
>>> >news:922001c4d0ed$7b9c6490$a301280a@phx.gbl
>>> >
>>> >> Just passed 70-320 with a score of 968, all in an
>>> >> Its great when you study so hard and then get a
>>> >> score. Books, MSDN and past exam questions are all
>>> is
>>> >> needed. 2 down and 1 to go for my MCAD.
>>> >.
>>> >