c# books - not just for exam

Date: 11/15/04

Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 13:35:25 -0800

I am not sure which book is best but I can tell you that
C# is fairly easy if you already have c++ background. In
fact, I dare say that you could personally learn all you
need to know about C# strickly from the Kalani book itself
given your background (for the exam purposes anyway). As A
C++ programmer what you will be learning the most is the
aspects of .NET itself which is covered in the Kalani book.

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>Hi all,
>I am an experienced c++ programmer going to learn c# and
>obtain mcad certification. As I understtood fro the forum
>the beat book for exam preparation is Kalani. Great! I
>just wanted another book for more fundamental knowledge.
>After spending several hours in my local bookstore and
>filtering out FOS (full-of-screenshots) books, I narrowed
>trhe list to the following:
>1) WROX, Professional C#.
>2) O'Reilly Programming C# (Jesse Liberty)
>3) Codenotes for C#.
>4) C# and the .Net 2.0 Platform (Andrew Troelsen)
>I personally like 1) in conjunction with 3). I would
>really appreciate your opinions on any book from the list.
>Thank you.