From: E Golpe (
Date: 11/03/04

Date: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 00:27:38 +0800

Hi all, I'm finally gonna take my first of 5 exams on the road to MCSD.
I have been playing with .NET for like 2 years now and am confident I'll
pass, despite all the books and cram sessions ;)

My question is have any of you MCADs/MCSDs found the MSFT Webcasts
and/or LearnVisualStudio.NET website video training series to be helpful
  along the way. Personally I think these are excellent resources and
have saved me myriads of hours in Acrobat Reader...

Also, any of you have experience with the "CramMaster" Simulated Testing
program??? Any good?

E Golpe

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