Re: Getting a job is so difficult????

From: John Smith (
Date: 03/30/04

Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 06:08:33 -0800

Yeah. Life is alway unfair. Let's accept it. Let live with your
principle. Your friend can get a job today but the question will be: Can
keep that job for how long ? People faked resume sooner or later they
lost the job just when company find out

Annoyed wrote:

> Hey all,
> Now I am in a frustrated mood. The reason, read on :
> Me and my Friend, who have no working experience here in
> US, have joined in a college and got our MCAD.
> We started searching for jobs, entry-level, ofcourse.
> After doing a mega search, I found out that even entry-
> level positions ask for atleast 1 year experience in .NET.
> Frustrated, my friend took the advice of another friend
> and prepared a fake resume showing up 3.5 years of
> experience in .NET and surprisignly, got a job!!!!!!!!!!
> I would never like do that, coz I do not want to psoe
> myself as a fake experienced person and land up in
> troubles. When I say this, my friend says, it works like
> this in US and everyone does that. I am dead against to
> that. I would be happy to join a low-paid job and work
> with pride rather than faking.
> The same company which rejected me for not having
> experience, gave my friend, who is in the same boat as
> myself, a job!!! Isn't this ridiculous?????
> I am surprised.