Re: How does Microsoft know that TESTKING is illegal?

From: Lorne Smith (
Date: 03/25/04

Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 13:36:39 -0000

Well... you could buy the things, study them... take the exam & compare....
Once you've done this, then tell MS what you did and watch them take away
your cert & ban you from all future MS certs...

To anyone doing even the smallest amount of research (and anyone serious
about taking the certs would), you can find out in VERY short order that
these and many other sites are offering illegal "braindumps" of the
questions... Basically, any site which guarantee's a pass first time is
suspicous and should be checked out first.


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> But how do the testers know it's the actual exam? (let's
> just say they are new and haven't taken any single
> exam)... just curious... was it already announced in the
> Microsoft website?
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> >They're illegal because they're selling the actual exam
> questions...
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> >> I'm only curious since I'm very new here... I've seen
> some
> >> messages mentioned that sells illegal
> >> materials. How do you know it's illegal?
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