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Date: 03/25/04

Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 21:05:16 -0800

hey, I went to your website. Very awesome website you have
there. I am graduating this spring from Ohio State so I am
going to be fresh out of college as well. I have just
started studying .NET and decided to aim for the
certificates. I don't consider myself a good student, HA,
but for some reason, .NET stuffs are actually fun to
study. I am spending my Spring break right now on this.

I am hoping to get at LEAST a MCAD by the time I graduate.
I am not sure if that's possible since graduation is less
than 3 months away. I do, however, have a pretty relaxing
last quarter though. Do you think it's possible for me to
obtain MCAD within 3 months? BTW, I am in Computer
Engineering major so I have been programming for a while.


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> You got it. But - remember that MCP is basically
nothing, it just say's you've passed 1 or more tests. MCAD
says that you know application development for .NET, and
MCSD says that you know how to design solutions,
architectures, and (more or less) a consultant.
> HTH,
> Matt Hawley, MCAD .NET
> I am a bit confused about MCP, MCAD, and MCSD.
> Is this some kind of hierarchy?
> If I pass one test, I am MCP. If I pass two more tests
> (within the required fields), I am MCAD, and if I pass
> more tests after MCAD (again, within the required
> I am MCSD??
> nice meeting you all.
> David
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